Celebrating 40+ Years of Elite Player Management

It’s our family looking after our players and their families.

– Stephen J. Bartlett, Founder

Steve Bartlett

Founder, NHLPA Certified Agent

Rochester, New York

We judge our success by the quality of the job we do for each of our clients – not the number of clients we represent.

Scott Bartlett

Principal, NHLPA Certified Agent

Chicago, Illinois

With our clients, you just feel this genuine connection, and you know there’s loyalty there, which is so hard to find in this business.

Brian Bartlett

Principal, NHLPA Certified Agent

Boston, Massachusetts

Being accessible to our clients is really the hallmark of our business. These guys are important to us, and we’re important to them.

Chris Leinweber

Lead, Western Canada

Calgary, Alberta

My values align perfectly with the Bartletts. Relationships and development are my passion

If you have someone who you know has your back and has your best interest at heart, you’re able to go on the ice and do what you have to do and not have to worry about that other stuff. I couldn’t be happier being with this group. They are almost like an extension of our family. They treat you like one of their family members and care about you, and that’s what is so special about Bartlett Hockey.

JT Miller

Our Story

Our Roots

Sports Consulting Group was established over 40 years ago by Steve Bartlett. Due to his success, his client list grew rapidly by word of mouth and recommendations, a tradition that continues today.

SCG Grows as a Family

Brian Bartlett joined his father Steve in the business and has been a registered agent with the National Hockey League Players Association since 2005. A former player and accomplished Lawyer, Brian graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston University Law School. A two-time NCAA National Champion, Scott Bartlett retired from his professional playing career to join the family business. An NHLPA Certified Agent since 2013, Scott graduated from Middlebury College with honors. Together, Steve and his sons ensure that their outstanding reputation, deep hockey relationships, and enviable player success results will continue for years into the future.

The Evolution of Sports Consulting Group to Bartlett Hockey

With everyone already referring to Sports Consulting Group as “The Bartletts,” our name change was a natural evolution to Bartlett Hockey. We feel our new brand is wholly representative of our highly selective family approach and strong relationships throughout the hockey world.

Our Approach – You Will Always Matter

From day one, unlike with larger firms, you will have three highly-respected NHL agents at your disposal: 100% accessible and dedicated to helping you reach your dreams. You will always matter with Bartlett Hockey.

Quality Relationships

Our very selective strategy allows us to identify the character of the players and the families we are advising and ensures our current clients get our full attention. With our relationship-first, family-style firm, you’ll never have to worry that we are always out scouting the next hot client.

The confidence we have in our selection process allows us to focus fully on helping our players achieve their maximum success, both on and off the ice regardless of the route they choose to get there.