Serving Needs of Our Players Beyond the Ice

We strive to make sure every client receives personal attention and top-notch service so you can focus on your game.

– Brian Bartlett, Principal

Exceeding Your Expectations

With Bartlett Hockey – you will always matter. The relationship between agent and client is very important. Over 40 years of experience means we have the expertise and professional services network to manage all your career and post career needs.

I hear from other guys around the league that have bigger agencies you can never get your agent on the phone, or you get passed off to somebody else, or you never talk to the same guy twice. You know anytime you shoot a text or pick up the phone, the Bartletts always answer and they’re always there for you.

Justin Faulk

Contract Negotiations

Personal Experience and knowledge are the keys to successful contract negotiations. Our firm has negotiated over 1,000 professional contracts since the company was formed in 1984. We have worked very hard to establish a good reputation and strong rapport with team management. At the same time, they know we are tough and thorough in our negotiations.

Navigating the Financial Landscape

Tax Preparation, Investment Counseling & Career Planning

You can trust Bartlett Hockey to offer you market proven expert advice in any of the following areas. From planning to cash flow management, to budgeting and investing; our clients know we welcome their requests to be as involved as they want from basic education to intimate focus on all the details. We are proud to be the only agency to personally complete our client’s tax returns, at no extra cost.

Marketing and Endorsement Management

Serving Needs of Our Players Beyond the Ice

Companies are increasingly looking for association with NHL players who they deem will have positive affiliation and influence for their brands. We provide proven management to ensure opportunities to earn additional compensation off the ice with endorsement and sponsorship deals.

With Steve, Scotty and Brian, I’ve felt like I really matter. They have been great in helping me and my family understand the many aspects in becoming an NHL professional and in their guidance and managing all the details.

Clayton Keller

Conditioning and Development Resource

Regardless of the stage you are at in your career, we have a network of resources to help you maximize your physical conditioning and skill improvement to allow you to play as well and as long as possible.

European Placement

We have extensive experience representing our client in the European hockey landscape and are very proud of the reputation we have earned overseas. For those clients who decide that they have interest in playing overseas at some point in their career, we have an exceptional network of associates in Europe who help us place players in the right organization to maximize their enjoyment and earning potential.